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We wish you a warm welcome on board the fully-rigged tall ship Sørlandet.

Over the next few days we intend to share with you the thrilling experience of  sailing the world’s oldest full rigged ship still in operation.

The Ship was built in 1927. With us you will get to experience the true feeling of sailing like in the old times. You, your new shipmates and our crew will sail the Ship together. We will show you how you, together with your team, can move 850 tons of steel through the water.

The Ship cannot be sailed and operated without you and your active participation in all the ship operations. Such operations include setting sails,  trimming of sails, safety watch, galley service, look-out, safety training and maintenance. Together with our permanent crew of experienced sailors you will participate in all these operations.

The goal is to sail to our next destination as fast as possible in the safest manner. We always go for maximum speed, displaying as much canvas as weather permits. Should we arrive early at our destination our crew has several «surprises» prepared.

Sailing a ship to her full capabilities is not an easy task.Together with all the other trainees and crew members you will experience an adventure full of action, excitement and challenges. During this adventure you will also meet new people from all around the world.Friendships made on board usually last for many years.

On the next few pages we will give you some practical information to ensure you get the most out of your sailing adventure with us!

We will do our best to make sure your voyage with us becomes a memory of a lifetime!

You will find the entire Welcome on board document by using this link.




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