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Here is a an overview of our rich and exciting races in the summer of 2014. Click on the sailing trip that best suits you and be inspired to join the journey of a lifetime.
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Life on board

Your role as a co-sailer

When you sail with us, you become a co-sailer with important tasks on the ship, and is considered part of the crew. A journey with Sorlandet is an experience that challenges and develops you, and whether you've sailed before or not, you get sufficient training to perform the varied and interesting tasks await you as co-sailer. 

Watchkeeping arrangement

To divide the crew into different inspection teams is a scheme as old as the sailing ships themselves. As a co-sailer you will belong to one of three inspection teams: red, white or blue. Each guard consists of a four hour deck watch, and then off duty for eight hours.

During a four hour period each half hour is marked by a strike on the ships bell. This is called turning glass, because in the old days kept record of the time through the hourglass. When you hear eight strokes on the ship's bell, the changing of the guard. This takes place every four hour, and becomes the rhythm of the on board.

All duties involves special experiences , and you will discover nature in new and fascinating ways. Although the open sea has no reference points, the stars can always tell where you are and what time of day it is . And at night, without any lights, you see the starry sky much clearer. If you are lucky you may see the phosphorescence light and glow in the aftermath, a magical sight it is hard to forget.

Deck watch

The deck watch is the watch that works around the clock in a voyage with Sorlandet. The whole guard team is prepared to perform the sail maneuvers and other tasks necessary for a safe cruise. Both you and everyone on board is working together to sail the ship. While on board the ship, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with everything from the deck, helm, lookout, galley-to fireguard.

Off duty

Off duty, eight hours twice a day, can be used for sleeping, eating, take interesting courses, read, play games, socialize with others or just relax on the beautiful sailing vessel. It is important for us that you enjoy your stay on board. Our world will be a social and friendly place, for both the social and for co-sailers who want to spend some time alone. On board Sorlandet you will always feel acknowledge.  

Fjord Tours & Company

Sorlandet constitutes a powerful and evocative setting for your event. Our captain and crew meetings and our guests are welcome at the dock before heading out into the Southern Norwegian archipelago. We serve tasty food and drinks for our guests to suit your surroundings.

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Sorlandet offer fjord's largest shrimp with all the trimmings to make it easy for our guests to choose.

The package includes:

  • Introduction and brief history of the ship's captain
  • A short safety briefing
  • Fjord's shrimp with accessories
  • 1 glass of any beverage

Starting at NOK 98.000, - ex. 8% VAT.


Want to Book Sorlandet please contact us at phone 38 02 98 90 or post@sorlandet.org

High School

- learn, sail and discover!

More information coming soon

The Cultural Rucksack

"Children og Sorlandet"

A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are built for.


The ship and the Foundation

Below is a presentation of the Foundation Sorlandet, our crew and our partners, you will also find a map, where Sørlandets last position is indicated.

Facts about ship

Sorlandet is the world's last original built tall ship in operational service. Of the three great remaining sailing ships, Sorlandet is classified with the highest class because of her authenticity.

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To sail a full-rigged ship properly, a competent and motivated crew, is required. Get to know our professional crew, that you will encounter aboard Sorlandet.

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Captain's log

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Our collaborators are important contributors regarding the operations of Sorlandet. Read more about our partners here.

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Sorlandet is a unique heritage of the maritime Norway under sail. Previously, she was a training ship for seamen, training school ship boys, now she is available for "youth'" of all ages, looking for an adventure.

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Foundation Sorlandet purpose is to own, operate and maintain Sorlandet for posterity. This is best done through active use of the monument Sorlandet and knowledge dissemination.

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Job Challenges

The world's last original built ship requires particularly skilled and motivated crew to sail.

We are looking for:

The Sørlandet is looking for a cook for the summer program 2014

The Sørlandet is looking for a cook with the right motivation for a temporary position from May til August/September with possibilities for extension.

The cook is responsible for keeping a the hygenic standard in the mess, pantry, saloon and provision room.

Our cook shall:

  • Function as a motivator and leader for the employees in the catering department. He/She shall coordinate with the other department heads with regards to work shedule and the daily use of catering personnel. 
  • Keep a work log for the catering personnel
  • Be responsible for ordering and procurement of all provisions and articles needed in the catering departement, among these are duty free products, souvenirs and slop chest. Toghether with the captain ensure that the ship carries the necassary provisions at all times. 
  • Do inventory and price controll of the goods for sales. When ordering he/she shall count and sign out deliveries to the ship. All orders, invoices shall be signed and returned to the Foundation's office within a week of recieving goods.
  • Keep the inventory stocked after the "just in time" principle and minimize left over stock at the end of the season.
  • Responsible to create and maintain the ship's "Ship's Store Declaration" and ensure it is sent to the relevant authorities in due time.
  • Keep the chemical journal for his/her department
  • Create a menu and ensure that this is cooked and served in an attracive fashion.
  • Keep the log over the catering departement.
  • Ensure that the budget is being kept.
  • Responsible for the Foundations Uniform Stock
  • Monitor the washing of linnen  and work clothing
  • Responsible that trainees and passengers get sufficent service.
  • In cooperation with the captain and other crew members ensure that preparations of food, service facilities and serving of food is being done when sailing day sails or catering arrangements.

Requirements for the position:

  • Valid health certificate NMA

We Offer:

  • Salary according to current tariff
  • Exciting and meaningfull work 
  • Good colleauges
  • Unique experiences
  • Possibilities for permanent employment

Applications can be sent to job@sorlandet.org

Night and day, winter and summer's over me - this transferor homesickness by sea.

Henrik Ibsen