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Age limit 
Kids 12 years or older can join accompanied by caretaker. To travel alone or sail in a regatta you will have to be 15 years or older. We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol consumption by trainees under 18 years (includes all international areas). 

Cancellation fees 
More than 60 days prior to departure: Administration fee of NOK 300,-. 
45-59 days prior to departure: 50% of full price, plus administration fee of NOK 300,-. 
Less than 45 days prior to departure: Full price. 

You can register online. We will then send you a travel document with payment instructions. The entire amount can be paid through your online banking account. Make sure to include the reference number. Please note that every order is legally binding. 

Anyone with good health can sail with Sørlandet. An important part of the experience for all trainees, is that the ship sails as much as possible. Everyone must contribute on board and be active on their duties. We expect that as many as possible enter the rig also, but if you don’t feel like doing that, please let the crew know. If you have a health related limitation, this must be assessed further. The ocean is a dynamic environment and health related limitations you don’t think about in daily life can be intensified on board. It is expected that everyone on board is able to take care of themselves, as the crew does not have the capacity to offer extra help to every individual. A health related limitation can be further intensified in bad weather. If you are using a wheelchair or crutches, you can unfortunately not attend a sailing adventure. 

It is important that you inform the staff about any allergies or chronic conditions, and register all use of medication. Please note that medication may lose its effect if you are experiencing sea sickness. Remember to inform the voyage crew coordinator and your duty officer on board if you are using Promethazine/Benadryl or transdermal scopolamine (we recommend a prescribed patch). If you are using any medication to avoid motion sickness, you can’t enter the rig. 

Everyone above 70 years must provide a doctor’s certificate, not older than 3 months, before the voyage starts. 

If a trainee has been withholding information, and it turns out to be an unreasonably big burden for the remaining trainees and crew, or he or she is in danger for himself/herself or others, the actual trainee may be put ashore on a place and time that the Captain finds suitable. Travel expenses related to this must be covered by the trainee. 

Check-in is 2 hours before departure, if no other information has been provided. 

Life on board 
On the orlop deck, you will sleep either in a bunk bed or a hammock. The duty shifts will be divided as following: 8-12, 12-4 and 4-8, two shifts each day. An important part of the experience for all trainees, is that the ship sails as much as possible. Everyone must contribute on board and be active on their duties. Regular tasks during duty is lookout, be at the helm and fire watches. Trainees must be available on deck during the duty. We expect that as many as possible enter the rig also, but if you don’t feel like doing that, please let the crew know. Some duties are hectic, others can be very calm. Then our crew will teach seamanship, knots and hitches, etc. Please remember to let us know if you are traveling together with someone with a different booking number than yourself, so that you can get on the same duty shift. The voyage crew coordinator will allocate the shift list and try to accommodate special wishes, but we can’t guarantee it. 

There will be served good food on board. 3 meals in two seatings.  

Please remember to let us know about any allergies when you register, in good time prior to the sailing adventure. 

Packing list 
Sleeping bag, warm and waterproof clothes, beanie (hat), gloves, toiletries, sunscreen, shoes with good rubber soles and a hand towel. Rubber boots may be nice to have. Please bring clothes that can stand stains, here is a bit of tar, oil, etc. We recommend that you pack in a soft bag (i.e. duffel bag), without wheels. The bag must be stowed in your locker, that holds 80 liters. A part of the locker can be locked with a padlock that you bring or buy on board. 

Cell phones have no reception when we are out in the open sea. If any circumstance requires contact with the shore, the ship and the office will be of help. We have a 220V power supply. 

Please make sure to bring your passport, regardless of which harbors and countries we are sailing between. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol consumption while at sea. Alcoholic beverages must not be carried on board. If discovered, it will be confiscated.  

To make sure everyone’s experience on board is as safe as possible, it is necessary that everyone takes the time to acquaint oneself with, and respects, the ship’s security rules. Study the ship’s clearance plane on the fore-orlop deck and get to know the location of the rescue apparatus on board. It is not allowed to sit on the rail due to security reasons. Do not run on deck and walk carefully in the ladders.  

Practicing in the rigg must always be accompanied with crew members. Loose objects, such as cellphones, sunglasses and similar must be removed. Glasses must be attached with a strap. Trainees can only enter the rig when they are asked to, or obtain the permission to from duty officer or shift leader. 

To and from harbors 
Travel to and from harbors is not included in the sail adventure price. Changes in departure- and arrival times may occur, and one must take this into consideration when ordering other transport. The arrival can be earlier, but you can stay on board until given arrival time. We may also face delays and get forced to wait to come alongside the quay. 

Travel insurance 
Trainees must have valid travel insurance. Please note that the foundation is not economically responsible for delays that may occur, neither other travel expenses. 

Personal data 
The Foundation can store personal data in order to send information about future sail adventures. Trainees must contact the office if they do not want to receive this. Pictures may be taken of trainees and the ship during sail adventures. The Foundation reserves the right to use such pictures for marketing purposes, both online and in print. 

The Foundation is not economically responsible for any loss caused by damage or theft during your stay. We recommend that you store your personal belongings in your locker, but remember that the ship is moving and things can break although it is locked away.

Term of appeal 

If you have a complaint about the sail adventure, it must be written and sent by e-mail to market@sorlandet.org, within one month after the sailing adventure.