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20. Oktober 2019

Dear A+ Families and Friends,

We hope you are all having a wonderful time together and enjoying Spain! If you are staying in Cádiz, I highly recommend the gelato shop Narigoni. It is delicious and you can eat your gelato while sitting on the steps of the cathedral. If you would like some suggestions on places to see in the nearby area, attached is a document with links to several travel websites. Below are some important school announcements and reminders...

School announcements:
Students need to return to the ship, no later than the 27th of October at 2000 (8 pm). Students will be having school the next day, so they need to have time to unpack, and get organized before it gets too late. Please also keep in mind the limited space onboard for personal belongings (including snacks). Having families and friends visiting is a great opportunity to send items home, now that students know what they really need onboard.

Attached to this email is a map of where the ship will be alongside on the 27th of October. The ship will be in the same port as when you picked up your student, just in a different location within the port. You will use the same gate to enter.
Please inform us if your student will be taking the SAT on the 7th of December. A+ World Academy will be providing transportation to the exam, but guardians are responsible for the exam cost and registering their student.

Please let me know if you have any questions concerning any of the announcements.

Enjoy your time together!

Best Wishes,

Emily J. Waugh
Dean of School