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09. September 2019

Sørlandet has arrived Ålesund

She arrived Ålesund on Sunday 8 September at 11:11 with 83 people on board.

She left Bergen on September 5th and sailed 175 nautical miles (nm) for sailing and 133 nm for motor. The average speed was 4.2 knots. Most of the trip was rainy and cold, but the last day before arrival the sun appeared again.

Along the way, they did some maintenance on the rig and overhauled the anchor winch brake. In Ålesund, work on the anchor winch and rig will continue. In addition, the VSat antenna will be changed and some will be painted.

The students were quite seasick during the first days of this trip since it was quite high sea. It got much better eventually. Everyone is still adapting to routine and life at sea. School has begun.