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24. Oktober 2019

Nice to meet acquaintances abroad

On Friday, October 18, it was nice to meet acquaintances in calm sea when Sørlandet was on its way to Cadiz. KNM Thor Heyerdahl sailed up the side of Sørlandet and marked the meeting in a way that gave the students on board goosebumps and a strong national feeling.

When KNM Thor Heyerdahl, after requesting the captain of Sørlandet to pass close, came up on the side of the sailing ship, tones from "Kaptein Sabeltann" sounded from KNM Thor Heyerdahl's speakers. The students cheered and quite impulsively they responded by singing the national anthem so loudly that the crew of KNM Thor Heyerdahl could hear it. Look closely at the pictures - some of the students experienced this from their position in the rig on the Sørlandet.

The photos were taken by SB Norevik, Ship Sergeant / War Master at KNM Thor Heyerdahl.