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07. Oktober 2020

Creative use of time in quarantine

While the Covi-19 pandemic holds a clammy hand over how we carry out the maintenance of "Sørlandet", there is impressing concern and commitment among crew and employees.


First mate Agata Luczynska came to Norway from her time off a few days ago. Due to the strict restrictions, she is quarantined in a cabin near the yard. To make time go by and make use of herself, Agata has been sent blocks, some paint and other equipment so that she can maintain the blocks. She's getting them ready for next season while she waits. They need to be cleaned, sanded, painted and lubricated.

 - What a fantastic crew we have who take on all types of tasks regardless of rank and education, comments director of theFoundation, Mr. Knut Arne Gjertsen .

The school ship Sørlandet is docked in Skudeneshavn and receives extensive maintenance. Many of the steel plates in the hull of the 93-year-old lady are thinly worn by corrosion. Now they are repaired according to traditional methods by skilled professionals from Bredalsholmen dock and vessel protection center.