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04. November 2019

Voyage plan school year 2020/2021

A high school at sea has the world right outside the window. Our students get to travel the world and explore what others will only read about. They have a chance to meet people from different cultures and with different experiences – all while finishing their high school diploma. Sørlandet will cross the South- and North Atalantic ocean and Equator several times on this Voyage

Voyage plan 2019/2020 is here.

Sailing the world is unpredictable. Some changes might therefore occur to the itinerary. Here you can follow the ship's position

Kristiansand, Norway
Arrive: 8/18/2020 Depart: 8/20/2020

Copenhagen, Denmark
Arrive: 8/23/2020 Depart: 8/27/2020

St Petersburg, Russia
Arrive: 9/4/2020 Depart: 9/11/2020

Lübeck, Germany
Arrive: 9/21/2020 Depart: 9/28/2020

Lisbon, Portugal
Arrive: 10/16/2020 Depart: 10/26/2020

Cadiz, Spain
Arrive: 10/29/2020 Depart: 11/5/2020

Setè, France
Arrive: 11/15/2020 Depart: 11/21/2020

Tangier, Morocco
Arrive: 12/2/2020 Depart: 12/9/2020

Las Palmas, Spain
Arrive: 12/14/2020 Depart: 12/15/2020

Mindelo, Cabo Verde
Arrive: 12/22/2020 Depart: 12/29/2020

Fernando D. Noronha, Brazil
Arrive: 1/14/2021 Depart: 1/17/2021

Bridgetown, Barbados
Arrive: 2/2/2021 Depart: 2/12/2021

Saint Martin, St. Martin
Arrive: 2/15/2021 Depart: 2/22/2021

Norfolk, VA (Washington D.C.) USA
Arrive: 3/11/2021 Depart: 3/21/2021

Horta, Azores/Portugal
Arrive: 4/11/2021 Depart: 4/18/2021

Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Arrive: 5/3/2021 Depart: 5/16/2021