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15. September 2019

Sørlandet changes Voyage Plan due to weather

Today (9.11.2019), we are at Ålesund International School and they have been incredibly gracious to us. The science classes have been completing labs and all AP students are using the internet to register on the College Board website for their courses. This will give them access to a wide range of resources to use in preparation for the AP exams. We do have some unfortunate news to pass along. Due to safety concerns, we have needed to make a change to the itinerary due to Hurricane Dorian crossing the Atlantic and reaching Norway as early as Friday.

We will be changing berths in Ålesund, in order to be better protected from the weather, and will most likely remain in Ålesund until Monday. Our scheduled program for tomorrow will remain the same, the Fire Safety Course and Amnesty International Event, and then on Friday the students will receive a full day of shore leave. We will then resume classes until our next port. 

A second hurricane will be also hitting the northern U.K. islands next week. Due to this, it has been decided that it is too high of a safety risk for us to sail to Dublin, Ireland. Instead, we will be sailing south to St. Malo, France. We have begun preparations for our arrival and are excited to take advantage of the area, including Mont St. Michel and the historical WWII locations such as Omaha Beach. 

We will keep you all updated if there are any more necessary changes.

Updated Voyage Plan: https://www.aplusworldacademy.org/dailylife/where-we-go

Follow the ship here: https://my.yb.tl/sorlandet

Best Wishes,


Gigi and Emily

Deans of School

A+ World Academy