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07. Oktober 2019

National Budget 2020

The Sørlandet Foundation applied for the Ministry of Culture to continue the extra allocation that Sørlandet received in 2017. The allocation was then based on the fact that Sørlandet is in so-called Protective Class 1 - a higher protection than Christian Radich and Statsraad Lehmkuhl have.

The school ship was building # 1 at Høivold's mekaniske Verksted and was launched in 1927. She is the last sailing ship built without engines. At the age of 92, she is nearly original. Protection through operation has been an important factor and has required modernization with engines, refrigeration / freezing systems, safety and other things that today make full year operation possible.

The extra supplement of approx. 3 million per year that Sørlandet received in 2017 - limited to 3 years - represent a continuation that covers the extra costs that can be directly linked to the ship's protection. - This is good reason to shout hooray for that, says director Knut Arne Gjertsen. He hopes the time limit of 3 years with this has been lifted.

The foundation receives almost NOK 11.1 million in state aid when the Storting approves the proposal in December. The subsidy covers approximately half the operating cost. The rest is covered by the income from A + World Academy, summer activities and support from business and foundations.

New tasks are coming. Over the next 5 years, there is a need to invest in security and replacements. The first phase is “classing” for the summer. - It's almost like an EU control on the car. -If she is not in compliance with the regulations, she loose licence and cannot sail, continues Knut Arne Gjertsen. In addition, the engines are worn out and not climate friendly. That could mean an investment of about 26 million for the summer. The grant of NOK 6.2 million, which the municipality applied for from the Environment Directorate on behalf of Sørlandet, comes in handy when the ship is to be made climate-friendly - In any case, we must carry out the "classification" of about NOK 8 million, Gjertsen concludes.