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30. September 2019

Weekly update from A+ World Academy

A + World Academy is sailing with Sørlandet this school year. They will cross the Atlantic and Equator several times before returning to her home port - Kristiansand - in May 2020. Below you can read this week's update.

Dear A+ Family and Friends, 

Hello again!

Right now we are getting ready to leave our 4th port, St. Malo France. It has been a great port and arguably our best one yet. We were very excited to leave Norway and explore a  place very different from the ports we have been to so far.

We have done different school trips and activities during this port such as visiting Mont Saint Michel Abbey, Utah beach, Caen-Normandie Memorial, American Cemetery, La Point Du Hoc and the Arromanches site. We learned a lot about World War 2 in this port. It has been very surreal visiting all the places we have learned about and actually standing where some of the important events of World War 2 occurred.

My personal favorite field experience of this port was definitely Mont Saint Michel that, during certain times of the year, is completely surrounded by water due to high tides. It has a beautiful old Abbey and church at the top of the island and many old beautiful buildings and small alleys. 

We also got to experience a very different culture while here in France.  Very few of us were able to speak French so communicating was a challenge as well as seeing French customs that we aren’t used to.

We have had a really great time exploring France and getting to meet all the locals and seeing new places. We are very excited to arrive in our next port Vigo, Spain.

See you soon!

Sarah Lane
Student President
Ms Gurjit Gill


Dean of Students
A+ World Academy