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08. Oktober 2019

Weekly update from A+ World Academy

A + World Academy is sailing with Sørlandet this school year. They will cross the Atlantic and Equator several times before returning to her home port - Kristiansand - in May 2020. Below you can read this week's update.

Dear A+ Family and Friends, 

Hello again!

7 days at sea and we are about to arrive in Vigo! Our departure to Vigo was a bit late because of storms but we have managed to sail fast, and we are still managing to make it on time to port. We have been learning a lot during this sail, sailing and ship maintenance. We have been spending lots of time up in the mast and many students are spending extra time on deck for fun.

Since the weather has begun getting warmer and warmer and this sail has been a lot more enjoyable. We have been able to go on night watch in just a sweater instead of foul weather gear and we are all now more inclined to spend more time on deck.

Sailing has become a lot more enjoyable since we are now more confident in the lines and now, we starting to understand how the ship works so we can manage more maneuvers with less help from the crew. School has been going well and it is getting a lot easier for us to manage and balance our time between school, maritime and friends.

We are all excited to get to Vigo soon. We can’t stop talking about all the snacks we are going to buy. And we are also all getting really excited for Parent Port which is coming up very soon! We miss you all and will talk very soon!

Sarah Lane

P.S- bring some candy/chocolate for us… we really miss Norwegian chocolate!


Ms Gurjit Gill

Dean of Students

A+ World Academy