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20. Januar 2020

Update from A+ World Academy

A + World Academy is sailing with Sørlandet for fifth school year. They will cross the Atlantic and Equator several times before returning to Kristiansand - her home port - in May 2020. Below you can read an update from Head of School, Dr. Kevin E. Kessler

Dear A+ Families,

I hope everyone was able to connect with their child while in the paradise island of Fernando de Noronha!  I want to express a deep appreciation to Helena’s parents for the time, money, and effort they spent to make it a special day for everyone!  Among other things, they assisted (and paid) for multiple taxis to get the students to the beach as quickly as possible so that their day wasn’t wasted waiting for transportation.  It was a huge blessing to everyone and the day was improved for everyone by their assistance clearing immigration and several other tasks.

There is not much to report from the ship other than we have had a significant increase in the use of cigarettes, vapes, and snus.  We, as a school, do not support the consumption of nicotine products by teenagers and we know from scientific research that the use of nicotine at this age not only affects mental development but it also sets up students to become life-long addicts to nicotine.  We ask for your support in discouraging your children from using nicotine products and we are providing a special learning opportunity during Self, System, and Society to emphasize to students that vapes deliver the same or higher doses of nicotine than traditional cigarettes and are equally as addictive (if not more because students often do not believe they are harmful or believe they are “safer than cigarettes”).

I’ve attached some reflective essays (see links below) on the holiday season for your enjoyment as well as a few poems from students who have volunteered to share their artistic work with everyone.  Enjoy!



Dr. Kevin E. Kessler
Head of School & CEO