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17. Desember 2019

Press release: Exchange is attractive to employers

A clear majority of former exchange students feel that their stay abroad has made them more attractive in the labor market. Nine out of ten would recommend others to take a school year abroad, according to a new study from Diku (Directorate for Internationalization and Quality Development in Higher Education). Full-rigger Sørlandet sails for the 5th year with the exchange school A + World Academy. Students undergo a unique high school education program that contributes to valuable knowledge as they move forward in life.

According to the press release from Diku, a majority of the former students believe that an exchange year in high school provides knowledge and experience that is important in the working life.

“My exchange of residence meant increased self-confidence, a better understanding of other countries, cultures and people you meet, and very good English skills. This has helped a lot in later choices of study direction, studies and now in working life, "says one who answered the survey.

The students sailing with Southern Norway have an exchange year at A + World Academy. In addition to English school hours and exams, students visit 15 - 20 ports in different parts of the world. On board they participate in all the ship's chores. Among other things, there may be ordinary guards at the helm, ahead or in the rig.

The goal of A + World Academy is to develop into a concept that is adapted to our times, while at the same time young people today can benefit from practicing teamwork, leadership and practical skills. A + World Academy is unique in that the school has students from Norway and the rest of the world.

- Living and working together for a whole school year contributes to an increased understanding of different personalities, different perspectives and cultures, says Knut Arne Gjertsen, director of the Fullrigger Sørlandet Foundation. During the year, countries with western standards of living and culture are sought out, but also countries where governance, culture and economic framework conditions differ from what we are used to. In a world characterized by globalization, the school's students will have valuable knowledge when later in life to embark on higher education and the labor market.

About the Diku survey
Diku's review of the report: https://diku.no/actual/exchange-or- attractive-for-employers
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About the Sørlandet Foundation
The foundation's purpose is to own, preserve and operate the full rig Sørlandet - the world's oldest full rig. The ship shall be preserved through active use. The A + World Academy subsidiary contributes to that.

About A + World Academy
A + World Academy is a subsidiary of the Sørlandet Foundation, and is a high school sailing to cities in many countries on the Fullrigger Sørlandet. The students learn how to sail the ship and take their education while at sea. In each port, we engage students in the culturally and historically relevant aspects of the city, and open our eyes to things they never imagined. It's a great way to discover people, places, and cultures as they complete a year of high school.

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